My name is Ellisa Barnes. I am currently 24 years old and a Child & Adolescent Psychology major at Southern New Hampshire University. I grew up near Kansas City (Go Chiefs! #ChiefsKingdom) with a disorder called Selective Mutism; although, I was not made aware of this disorder until the spring of 2019 at 23 years old. I’ve been writing stories pretty much my entire life and have self-published two novels, which you can learn more about by visiting my Goodreads page (click this link here!).

In 2017, I began a subscription box business entitled Scribe Stash, that catered to writers and readers of young adult (and adult) fiction. During this time I wrote and edited full product and book reviews to include in a newsletter. This endeavor was short-lived and did not make it through 2018.

I began this blog in November 2019 (during National Novel Writing Month!) to raise awareness and understanding of Selective Mutism, a disorder that is notoriously misunderstood and misrepresented.

Please note that most names of people and locations mentioned in my blog have been altered or changed to protect identities.

If you would like to contact me further, please email me at ekbarnesauthor@gmail.com.

I currently have a Go Fund Me fundraiser in progress! Trying to get those much needed braces! Click here to donate! 

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